Books by Harvey Withers

Harvey Withers has published a number of successful books on antique weapons and more...

Build up your knowledge of antique weapons, their provenance, recent history, current value and future investment potential. Reference books written by Harvey Withers are all full colour with beautiful photographs and accurate descriptions. Some are also available as CD Roms or downloadable from our Online Book Store.

Harvey Withers Books• ''British Military Swords 1786-1912: The Regulation Patterns.
An Illustrated Price Guide for Collectors (2003)
(Harvey Withers Military Publishing) ISBN 9780954591007

• ''World Swords 1400-1945: An Illustrated Price Guide for Collectors (2006)''
(Studio Jupiter Military Publishing) ISBN 9780954591014

• ''The Scottish Sword 1600-1945: An Illustrated History (2009)''
(Paladin Press) ISBN 9781581607130

• ''The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Swords and Sabres (2009)''
(Anness Publishing) ISBN 9780754818519

• ''The Pictorial History of the Sword (2010)''
(Anness Publishing) ISBN 9781844768394

• ''The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Knives, Swords, Spears and Daggers (2011)''
(with Tobias Capwell) ISBN 9780754823315

• ''The Sword in Britain 1600-1700: An Illustrated History - Volume One (2011)''
(Harvey Withers Military Publishing) ISBN 9780954591038