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  • Antique Sword and Edged Weapons Bibliography – Authors A to G
    I am in the process of creating a comprehensive bibliography for the serious collector of antique swords and edged weapons. I have listed them alphabetically and they can be viewed in four separate sections... (Read more...)

  • Antique British Swords – Libellous Blogs written by rival antiques swords dealer
    Please be aware that if you are Googling my name and you come across a series of totally libellous blogs entitled, "Antique British Swords - Harvey Withers - a warning to fellow antique sword collectors and dealers...", then you have come across the insane rantings of a British born antique swords dealer... (Read more...)

  • World Swords 1400-1945 – my book stolen by Mr Zhao Aiguo
  • It appears that a Chinese-American gentleman(sic) by the name of  Zhao Aiguo (currently resident in Philadelphia) has completely copied  my book, World Swords 1600-1945 An Illustrated Price Guide for Collectors and published it under his own name!... (Read more...)

  • Collecting Antique Swords and Edged Weapons – the Market Today
    The present-day collector of antique military swords inhabits a commercial environment quite unlike that of past generations. The rapid global expansion of the internet has been the most important development within the antique collecting marketplace... (Read more...)

  • The History of British Sword Manufacture

    The history of British sword manufacture is a tale characterised by a series of economic highs and lows, due in part to the changing necessities of military conflict, government intransigence, and an on-going “war” conducted by British sword makers... (Read more...)