About Harvey Withers

Harvey Withers is a British author and military antiques dealer.

Harvey WithersHe was born in Birmingham, England and attended St Edmund Campion Secondary School, Erdington and completed an honours degree in Literature and History at Staffordshire University, graduating in 1987. Harvey specialises in producing reference books on antique swords and edged weapons and is also a full time dealer.

People have been making swords since at least 2000 BC, firstly in bronze then iron and steel. Swords can be either a long single edged blade or a double edged blade that will have a hilt, pommel, grip, and some contain a hand guard or a shield. They have been used as weapons in wars throughout the world, in a variety of cultures, and come in a variety of designs including sabres, rapiers, cutlasses and scimitars. Despite the wide range of swords available to collectors, a few historical periods have become particularly popular amongst collectors: Harvey Withers is an expert in military swords from the Napoleonic, English Civil War and Victorian periods which are all highly collectable.

Every item sold on the Harvey Withers online Shop website includes a full and accurate description, high resolution photographs and a personal guarantee of authenticity that has never been faulted.

When collecting historical swords it is important to be sure you are purchasing actual antiques and not replicas. If you need to check the credence of any of your collection please contact Harvey Withers for advice.